10 Tips for Tooth Whitening

16 Oct 10 Tips for Tooth Whitening

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure in Golden and Wheat Ridge

Everyone wants a white smile, but not everyone is disciplined enough to brush their teeth twice a day, everyday. Your teeth help you talk and chew, but they can also make or break your appearance.

It takes some time to get rid of stains. For whiter and healthier teeth, check out these 10 tips.

1. Have a professional teeth cleaning to remove all superficial stains

The first step towards a whiter and brighter smile is to have a professional teeth cleaning. It removes plaque which creates a yellow or green coating on the surface of the teeth and eliminates brown stain from the teeth.

A teeth whitening dentist uses specialized instruments adapted to clean the contours of your teeth, including an ultrasonic water cleaning, and finishing the procedure with professional polish for his teeth whitening procedures.

2. Take home whitening trays

To complement your professional teeth cleaning take home whitening trays can help improve your smile. Impressions will be taken, and trays made for your teeth will act as a carrier for the whitening gel. This allows you to whiten while you are showering, driving, or relaxing.

3. In-office whitening

If you need a major boost to your smile an in office whitening treatment is the fastest and best procedure for you. In order to use the strongest products we will place a barrier on your gums and lips and complete three rounds of Zoom whitening during a one hour appointment

4. Avoid stain causing foods

After a professional teeth whitening, don’t eat anything that would stain a white shirt for 48 hours. Teeth whitening opens the pores in your teeth making them susceptible to new stains from food and drinks like tomato sauce, coffee, and wine. Try to minimize your encounters with these stain causing foods.

5. Maintain, maintain, maintain

Whitening is like exercise. In order to keep your smile sparking whiten monthly or weekly with your at home trays depending on how much stain your diet attracts.

6. Use whitening toothpaste

Twice daily use of an toothpaste with whitening agents will help to keep teeth brighter and whiter by removing superficial stains.

7. Floss daily to remove all buildup between teeth

A toothbrush and toothpaste will only eliminate stains on the broad smooth surfaces of teeth. Use floss to remove bacteria between all of the teeth forming a C-shape forward and backwards to eliminate stain on all surfaces of every tooth.

8. Don’t sip

Drink dark liquids such as coffee, wine, and soda in one sitting instead of sipping on them throughout the day. Studies show the less amount of time the substance sits in your mouth the better.

9. Drink dark liquids through a straw

This helps keep stain off of teeth and straight into your stomach, because everyone has to enjoy life.

10. Rinse teeth with water after drinking anything that could stain teeth

Just to be safe, rinse with water to reduce the contact with your teeth and help maintain a bright white smile.

For more teeth whitening procedure or to start on a path towards a brighter smile, schedule an appointment with us. We’ll make sure you’ve got a healthy smile, and will make sure you have time to talk to your teeth whitening professionals in Golden.

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