How Often Do I Need to See My Dentist?

26 Sep How Often Do I Need to See My Dentist?

When to see the dentist

It is a Friday evening and you are looking forward to some R and R when your tooth starts throbbing. You have not been to a dentist in a long time and you ask yourself “now what?” This situation can be very frustrating not to mention costly and inconvenient.

We believe at Applewood Dental that preventative, quality treatment can help significantly reduce these types of scenarios and moreover, for the cases that are unpreventable we are there for our patients to answer any questions or concerns.

See A Dentist Twice A Year

The American Dental Association recommends the average person see the dentist twice a year for a cleaning but often times we forget that our visit to the dentist is much more than this. At Applewood Dental our patients oral health goes beyond the scope of gums and teeth.

Our typical check up appointment includes radiographs for us to evaluate decay, infection, bone loss or abnormal growths, a periodontal evaluation to evaluate gum and bone health, a head and neck oral cancer screening exam, and a discussion with the doctor on our findings and any questions you may have.

Our certified dental hygienists will then complete dental cleaning that day. For some patients if a more advanced type of cleaning is necessary we will discuss why and schedule you for a follow up appointment.

Preventative Dentistry

Like most things in life, the earlier something can be caught the easier it is to address. At Applewood Dental one of the main goals of this check up appointment is to discuss the dental services we provide in order to be preventative and avoid not only emergency type problems but also to avoid more aggressive and costly treatment.

At the end of the check up appointment the doctors at Applewood Dental will discuss with you how often you need to return to see us. The truth is, this is unique for every person and although the standard is every 6 months, it can vary from patient to patient. For example, many patients who struggle with their oral health choose to see us every 3-4 months for a prophylaxis cleaning.

Don’t Have Dental Insurance?

We will also discuss with you what your insurance may cover in order to maximize your benefits. If you do not have dental insurance the staff at Applewood Dental will discuss other payment options.

Give Applewood Dental a call now to schedule an appointment for you and your family and be proactive about your oral health!

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