Composite Resins, better known as tooth colored fillings, are strong, esthetic filling materials that are long lasting and durable.  Due to the benefits of composite resins, this is the most commonly used filling material at Applewood Dental.


Why do you need a filling?

There are many reasons for needing a filing; for example, the tooth may have decay (a cavity), a fracture (break), or an old filling that is leaking and needs to be replaced.  Because of the esthetic nature of composites, they are also used to reshape a tooth or close a space.  Depending on the tooth and situation, it is important to choose the right restorative material to ensure a long lasting solution.


Why choose composite?

Composite is a resin based material that has many advantages over older filling materials. Composite maintains similar properties to our teeth, and because it is a bonded material, it allows us to be more conservative. Moreover, composite material is very esthetic and is available in a variety of shades in order to match your natural teeth.  In most cases it is possible to do the composite filling in one appointment, making it easy and cost effective.


After a thorough evaluation and consultation we can determine which restorative material is right for you. We are here to answer any questions to ensure you get the best treatment.


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