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Applewood Dental has a variety of lab-made crowns and bridges. Visit us today and we will help you figure out the best solution for your case.
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Crown and Bridge


This is an exciting time in dentistry and we are lucky to have a variety of great options for lab-made crowns.  Every patient is unique and requires a different type of crown.  We will take the time to make sure we find the right fit for each case at Applewood Dental in Wheat Ridge.


What is a crown?

A crown (also known as a cap) is made outside of the mouth in a dental laboratory and is used to repair a broken, fractured, or weakened tooth. It restores strength back to your tooth and is a reliable way to return teeth back to form and function. At Applewood Dental, we use a Lakewood Colorado lab that we are in regular communication with.


What are crowns made of?

There a variety of materials used to make crowns including gold, porcelain fused to metal (PFM), solid zirconia, a variety of ceramics, and layered porcelain. Whether we are looking for a tooth colored material, a more conservative, or a stronger material, we will take our time to discuss which option is best for your situation.


What is a bridge?

A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth by linking two or more natural or implant teeth on either end of the missing tooth with lab-made crowns, and attaching a lab made tooth in the area of the missing tooth.  A bridge is permanently cemented and not removed at night.

If you are interested in replacing missing teeth, we are dedicated to educating you with your options and are here to answer any questions or concerns about the dental crown procedure at Applewood Dental in Wheat Ridge.