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Applewood Dental uses root canal therapy to repair and save a tooth that has been damaged either from an injury or from decay. Learn more here!
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Root Canal

Root Canal is one of the most dreaded terms in dentistry, but at Applewood Dental in Wheat Ridge we want to make each experience the best it can be.


What is a root canal?

A root canal is the removal of the nerve and blood vessel from the inside of a tooth.  The inside of the tooth is then sterilized, and filled with an inert rubber filling material.


Why would I need a root canal?

A root canal is required when the nerve inside of the tooth dies or is exposed to the oral cavity through trauma or decay.


Should I be scared about my root canal?

About half of the time there is no pain leading up to the need for a root canal, but the other half is why root canals have such a bad reputation.  An acute onset, or what is commonly acknowledged as a toothache, can be very painful to hot, cold, biting, or even spontaneously painful without any stimulus.  Once anesthesia is on board, a root canal can be quite boring for the patient, because the pain and fear associated with root canals is 
likely from the acute onset (the toothache).


Do I need the nerve inside of my tooth?

No, once your tooth has finished developing it loses the need and ability to continue growing. The nerve provides the tooth sensations, so after a root canal you will no longer be able to sense hot or cold, but the fibers in the gums around the tooth will allow you to continue to feel biting pressure.


What happens after a root canal?

During the root canal procedure, a pathway is created into the center of the tooth to access the nerve.  Because the nerve and blood vessel are removed during the process, the tooth loses hydration and becomes brittle.  These two factors create the need for a crown.  The crown will hold the tooth together and protect it from breaking.


Our goal at Applewood Dental in Wheat Ridge is to use preventative and conservative treatment options to help you avoid the pain associated with needing a root canal. However, if the time comes when a root canal is necessary, we are here to help explain to you the process and make you feel more comfortable.