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We know that there are some procedures that need a more specialized dentist. Here is more information about the specilists that we works with.
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At Applewood Dental in Wheat Ridge we believe in giving every patient the opportunity to make informed decisions about their treatment.  One of these decisions is the option to go to a specialist for specific treatments. We also offer our patients a referral to specialists who are interested in second opinions and or other treatment options.


We have a great team of specialists we work closely with that share
 our treatment philosophy and provide excellent care in close proximity to Applewood Dental in Wheat Ridge.  We communicate with our team of specialists regularly, and about every patient referred out.  Because specialists complete the same treatment multiple times every day they are able to excel at complicated cases in a timely manner.  Specialists also offer a wider range of sedation options for treatment.


Our dental specialists include Pediatrics (kids), Endodontics (Root Canals), Periodontics (Gums), TMJ (Jaw pain), Orthodontics (Braces), and Oral Surgery (Extractions).


Please let our team at Applewood Dental in Wheat Ridge know if you have any questions about referrals to specialists or would like any guidance.